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Conservatory Shutters, Northwick , Cheshire

Roof Top Shutters Hit Northwick

Northwick conservatory shutters

Northwick has a huge history with salt mining and is nestled in the Cheshire Plains not far from Chester. The climate is generally temperate and a lot of the residents enjoy the sunshine sitting in their conservatories.

The main problem is the extent of the heat in these glass houses. Window shutters have become a big thing in the Cheshire area as they are ideal to allow light in but also keeping the harmful rays out.

Conservatory Shutters Blinds actually frame the framing of your conservatory and are held in place by turn buttons so that they do not fall and hurt anyone below . All the cnservatory shutter panels are hinged so that when you need to clean the windows they simply fold down for easy access.

Many customers in Northwick and the surrounding area in Cheshire were contacting us because their furniture and belongings were being damaged by the sun as our summers are now getting hotter and hotter. Plantation shutter blinds were the answer especially on the roof part of a conservatory. We supply you with a long wooden pole to attach to the louvres and simply adjust the slats to allow as much light in as you want.

All our wood shutter blinds are kiln dried to avoid warping and twisting, spray painted in the colour of your choice and then all the frames and panels are sprayed with a UV protective spray to ensure that there is no damage from the sun.

As you can see from the featured Northwick photo, this customer used their conservatory for a library and work space so therefore it was essential that they had total control of the temperature and the sun shining is as they did not want any of their valuable books fading or receiving any sun damage. Once the Conservatory shutters were installed, I think you will agree that this Northwick customer’s conservatory looked transformed. See more examples of our interior shutters here in our online gallery.