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Plantation shutters installed in and around Manchester

Shutters in Oldham, Saddleworth or Chadderton?

We are local shutter specialists!

Oldham’s boom years were during the 19th century when the growth of mills and textiles resulted in Oldham being the world centre for textile manufacture. Picturesque towns such as Saddleworth an Chadderton evolved as ‘commuter’ towns, servicing the business needs of Oldham.

Now, these warehouses feature great windows for shutters! Unlike blinds shops in Saddleworth or Chadderton, it is important to rely upon a shutter specialist to undertake the design, measure and fitting of your plantation shutters. It is not straightforward measuring for shutters and with many different styles of homes and windows in the Oldham area, you must make sure you get a true expert to do the job for you.

What makes our company different is that we employ only our own staff – we are not a franchise shutter company or a sub contracting shutter company. All our staff are directly employed by us. Buying plantation shutters for your home in Saddleworth or Oldham is an investment you only want to be making once in your life. That is why we only sell wood shutters – not MDF shutters which will simply not stand the test of time.

Our in home visits are free of charge. We do not use double glazing type sales techniques to sell you shutters for your Chadderton home. We will visit, typically spending under 1 hour, look at and measuring you windows and giving you different shutter options. We will then leave you to consider the shutters quotation we have provided. With approximately 80% of our shutter customers choosing to order with us, we’re confident you will find our service and shutter product really does stand out from the crowd.

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