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Plantation shutters installed in and around Manchester

Manchester homes suit tier on tier or cafe style shutters

Royton and Oldham near Manchester Good Windows for wood shutters

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Cafe Style shutters, tier on tier shutters, clearview shutters…..it can become overwhelming when you start your research into the best shutters for your home.

We have a team of genuine shutter experts who can help you see the wood from the trees. (FSC wood which makes your shutters even better!) Our locally based Manchester plantation shutter expert can visit you with no hassle and no pressure, in your home  - whether you are looking for shutters in Royton or any other part of Oldham. Why not take a look at our online gallery for some ideas and inspiration.

If you are doing your research at this stage, into the different types of shutter designs and styles that may work for your home, here’s a quick overview to help…

Plantation shutters / Interior Wood Shutters

This is the term used to describe the window treatment itself. Also, you may hear people in Manchester describe them as ‘internal shutters’ or even shutter blinds.

Styles of Shutters for Manchester Homes

Manchester shutters styles vary depending upon the type of property. Many homes in Manchester and the Oldham area have replacement windows, with uPVC windows being commonplace.

Tier on Tier shutters are a good design on uPVC bay windows as you can fold open the top panels and leave the bottom panels close. You can still always tilt the shutter blades (aka slats or louvers) but leaving the bottom shutters on a tier on tier design closed over gives privacy.

Café Shutters can be called half height shutters as this describes the fact the plantation shutters are designed to only cover the bottom of the window. If having curtains and shutters, this is a good option.

Full height shutters would cover your window or door, top to bottom. For 70’ terraced homes in Manchester or homes with windows that are not tall, this is a good shutter design.

This is a very brief introduction to different shutter styles you can choose. Don’t be confused about shutters and instead contact us to arrange our local Manchester shutter consultant to visit and discuss your needs.